Warehouse Adjacent To New Residential Development For Sale

22,371 sq. ft.
1660 Boone Avenue, Bronx NY 10460
Property Type
Industrial, Development
Block & Lot
3015 / 1
R7A / C2-4 Commercial Overlay
Special Features
22,371 SF with a Buildable of 43,624 SF 15.5’ Ceiling Height No Columns 400 AMPs; Fairmont/Claremont Village Area Up and Coming Residential area Adjacent to New Resi Development
Nearby Transportation
Blocks to Subways Close proximity to Sheridan Expwy (I-895) and Cross Bronx Expwy (I-95) with easy access to NYC Blocks to 2, 5 and 6 Subways
Exclusive Agent(s)
Broker’s Cooperation Invited
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