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Honest Buildings, Con Ed Partner on Energy Efficiency

Riggs Kubiak Honest Buildings CEO Riggs Kubiak

NEW YORK CITY—Honest Buildings and energy provider Con Edison have partnered on a program to help building owners implement energy efficiency projects. Con Ed will use the Honest Buildings platform as part of its Energy Efficiency Marketplace initiative.

The Marketplace will help building owners in New York City and Westchester County determine where they can make energy efficiency upgrades, buy the goods and services to make such upgrades and manage their projects. Owners will be able to evaluate projects to reduce energy usage, and then use Honest Buildings as a framework for data-driven decision making to keep each project on time and on budget.

“Con Edison and Honest Buildings share a common mission to bring efficiency to the built environment in the largest cities in the world,” says Riggs Kubiak, Honest Buildings’ CEO and co-founder. “Partnering to accelerate efficiency projects taking place in buildings Con Edison serves is a natural extension of our data-driven project management and procurement platform.”

All types of energy projects can be facilitated through the platform including HVAC, electrical infrastructure, windows, plumbing and lighting. These can be bid using a specialized pre-built template in the Honest Buildings system, outlining key cost categories and considerations line by line. Honest Buildings will give building owners access to real-time RFP, bid leveling and project management cost information, all within an integrated system.

“We see great potential for energy savings in the thousands of commercial buildings in our area,” says Tim Lezgus, REV project manager at Con Ed. “The platform Honest Buildings created in partnership with many of the largest building owners in New York City is a natural fit for us as we work with these customers to help them choose and execute projects that will save them energy and money.”

Through the partnership, building owners will also be able to access Con Ed’s Market Partners, a network of experienced energy efficiency contractors, distributors and other professionals trained to provide technical support to commercial and industrial customers for the installation of energy efficient equipment. For their part, the Market Partners will be able to indicate their intention to bid on owner projects, download the project documents they need and view a bidding timeline with key events.

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