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MetaProp Debuts A PropTech Pre-Accelerator Program

Aaron Block Block: “This is a unique opportunity for early stage, pre-seed PropTech ventures to access extraordinary resources.”

NEW YORK CITY—MetaProp NYC has launched the MetaProp Pre-Accelerator at Columbia University, reportedly the world’s first PropTech pre-accelerator program.

Working with CURE (Columbia Center for Urban Real Estate), the pre-accelerator is now accepting applications and will connect first-time, earliest-stage PropTech entrepreneurs (including students, recent graduates and scholars from the Columbia University ecosystem and beyond) to sources of seed capital, real estate and technology mentors, as well as to deep technology education.

“This is a unique opportunity for early stage, pre-seed PropTech ventures to access extraordinary talent and resources from Columbia and beyond, as well as advice and mentoring from MetaProp NYC, the foremost authority in real estate technology acceleration,” says Aaron Block, MetaProp NYC’s founding partner and managing director.

He continues, “MetaProp NYC is honored to partner with Columbia in this pioneering startup program for aspiring PropTech entrepreneurs. The eight-week program will be hosted at Columbia University and will culminate in a final presentation to a panel of industry experts.”

“We at the Center for Urban Real Estate, working with Columbia Entrepreneurship, are thrilled to partner with MetaProp in this endeavor,” adds Dr. Patrice Derrington, Holliday professor of real estate, director of CURE, GSAPP, Columbia University.

She continues, “The pre-accelerator represents an extraordinary opportunity for early stage founders with a focus on advancing technology applied to the built world and emerging from Columbia University’s rich technology ecosystem, to work on PropTech startup ideas and to receive high-level mentorship and training from the PropTech and Columbia networks. This program is now accessible to applicants from our community, underscoring our support and thought leadership at the Center for Urban Real Estate.”

The MetaProp Pre-Accelerator at Columbia University will offer aspiring entrepreneurs an introduction to the PropTech community and likely sources of pre-seed investment capital; curated introductions and education sessions in deep technology, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management and GIS; education on entrepreneurship, real estate, business, marketing and public relations; community of fellow entrepreneurs facing similar challenges; problem-Solution strategies and preparation for full accelerator programs.

The application deadline for the MetaProp Pre-Accelerator at Columbia University is April 30, 2017. Click here to apply.

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