Prime NNN Retail Building with Air Rights

20,000 sq. ft.
4312 50th Street, Woodside, NY 11377
Property Type
Retail / Commercial, Investment
Block & Lot
25 /
R7A, C1-4
Special Features
102' x 100' Lot Dimensions 10,200 SF Lot 2 Story Building 102' x 99' Building Dimensions F.A.R.: 4.00 Assessment (16/17): $1,932,000 R.E. Taxes (16/17): $82,309 The subject property is a 20,000 SF retail building with 10,000 SF frontage on 50th Street. The building is located on the west side of 50th Street between 43rd Avenue and Queens Boulevard. There are two tenants, Gym and Billiards Café, both of which have been tenants for over 20 years. Each tenant has a 5% increase per annum with no options. ALSO AVAILABLE ARE 20,000 SF OF AIR RIGHTS AS THERE IS R7A ZONING.
Exclusive Agent(s)
Broker’s Cooperation Invited
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